Free Service

Our parking consulting, technology, monitoring, and enforcement programs are no cost to your organization. We can even help you generate revenue from your parking by recommending, implementing, and enforcing a paid parking program customized for your property. You keep the revenue and we enforce your parking regulations. We can also provide digital guest parking management systems including residential, guest and retail employee parking permit management for no cost to your property.

Save Money

Nashville Booting helps your organization eliminate expenses with internal auditing, ticket tracking, collecting violation fees, parking lot cleaning, and enhance security patrols. NB can also help you generate parking revenue for your property. Ask us how we can help make you more revenue.

Prevent Theft

Eliminate parking violators from occupying your paying customer’s spaces through booting and or ticketing unauthorized vehicles. Do you have concerns about non-lease holders continuously parking on your property? Need a way to control guest parking? Ask us about our free technology options that help us to control your parking areas for free and even generate you revenue.

Benefits of Booting

Retail Shopping Centers

Some retail shopping centers may experience misuse of their parking area from customers visiting neighboring properties. Through visual surveillance and video documentation, NB technicians will monitor, document violations, and enforce your parking area for people parking and leaving your property. Once a vehicle is booted, the boot acts as a visual deterrent for future violators and allows for valuable parking spaces for future customers of your tenants to be available. NB can help your property by creating a custom parking enforcement plan that addresses your property’s needs and eliminates your tenants from losing income to illegal parkers.

If you are looking for a technology solution to help register your retail parkers, generate parking revenue, or do both please contact us. We have a variety of solutions that can fit your needs.

Residential Parking

Nashville Booting can enforce your parking regulations through booting, ticketing or both within your residential and visitor parking areas. Looking for a free, automated way to manage resident and guest parking permits while enforcing your parking regulations? Call us today. NB can help you digitize your resident decals so you and your team do not have to register, distribute, or track resident decals ever again. NB can solve all of your guest parking challenges, and even help you generate additional revenue for your property, at no cost to your organization. NB will perform a complimentary site analysis and customize a parking enforcement plan specific to your property.

  • Resident and Guest Parking Permit Control
  • Catch non-lease holders and add to lease
  • Improve resident retention
  • Full, digital control over guest parking
  • Increase reserved parking revenue
  • Generate parking revenue
  • Contactless solution
  • Never manage resident & visitor permits again

Generate Revenue

Not only do we help your organization generate more revenue by catching and stopping unauthorized parkers, but we can recommend, setup, and enforce paid parking services for your property. From guest parking to retail parking, ask us how we can help you generate parking revenue for your property.

Technology Solutions

  • Propriety digital violation tracking system
  • Digital resident & guest permit systems
  • Automated, web-based retail guest parking management system
  • Free paid parking technology consulting & systems
  • Ticketing systems and online payment portal
  • Enhanced camera systems for violation tracking
  • Photo support of all violations
  • Client web portal and automated reporting
  • 24/7 live contact center
  • GPS employee tracking

Parking Management Companies

Nashville Booting provides a free parking enforcement solution for your organization to increase revenue and reduce costs. Through extensive and systematic auditing procedures of pay parking lots, NB technicians can immobilize or ticket vehicles that do not pay for parking, exchange tickets, go in and out on the same ticket, or go over their time that they have purchased. Potential parking violators will notice a booted vehicle and realize that parking regulations are being enforced. Nashville Booting has dramatically reduced lost income and eliminated internal auditing and /ticketing expenses for parking management companies through their effective parking enforcement programs. NB can also reduce costs for parking management companies by paying for automated payment machines and parking lot cleaning and striping.


Nashville Booting has the resources and technology to enforce parking regulations for any municipality through booting and or ticketing. NB works with municipalities as well as parking management companies to help streamline and expedite the collection of unpaid parking citations. NB also adds as additional security. Even though we are not a security company, we can assist in monitoring your parking area in order to prevent and /or report any potential problems or suspicious activity.

Technologically Driven

Every Nashville Booting technician is provided with a personal digital assistant which they use to document vehicle information, location, and photo evidence of the violation. Once the technician submits the information, the date, time, and GPS coordinates are recorded into our proprietary database. All of this is easily accessible by our clients. We also utilize an automated system that helps residential and retail properties control their guest parking areas as well as digital residential and retail parking permits.

Customized Reporting

Nashville Booting has the ability to customize parking enforcement reports for a client’s particular needs. These reports help clients in reducing overhead, developing competitive rate analysis, and strategic planning for future revenue generation. Whether you are looking for ticketing, booting violations or more. We have the parking enforcement solution.

Available 24/7

Nashville Booting management team is available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. NB has a 24 hour live operator response center to manage customer phone calls and dispatch parking enforcement technicians to a customer’s location. Contact us today about how our support team can help with your ticketing or booting needs.


  • Free booting and ticketing services
  • Make $ from your parking
  • 18+ years serving our clients
  • 300+ properties
  • Digital parking permit systems


About Us

Nashville Booting (NB) is the largest parking enforcement company in Nashville providing free parking enforcement services for their clients. For more than 15 years NB has enforced parking regulations through ticketing and booting at over 300 properties. Nashville Booting achieved their growth in the parking enforcement industry through client referrals, professionalism, excellent customer service, and extensive technician training.

NB is the leader in the parking enforecment industry through innovative booting and ticketing technology, digital resident & guest registration systems, online reporting, GPS tracking software, systematic auditing procedures, and video/audio recording. NB makes it a priority to prevent your property from losing income due to illegally parked vehicles while maintaining an unprecedented level of customer service. For more information about our booting service and to receive your complimentary booting assessment click here or call (629) 253-4056 for a free property assessment.

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